The tradeshow for production technologiesApril 7-10 2015 // eurexpo lyon

Elles bougent

Opportunities for feminizing Industrie

From the 7th to the 10th of April, 2015, INDUSTRIE shines the spotlight on women in engineering fields!
To meet the demand of companies who wish that there were more young women choosing to attend engineering schools and choose training in sciences, particularly manufacturing, INDUSTRIE is setting up an event in partnership with the association "Elles bougent" (Women on the move).

On Tuesday, the 7th of April, 4 or 5 groups of 10 young women, 1 ambassador, and one representative from FIM will visit the exhibition and meet the exhibitors. They will receive a guided tour to enable them to discover the various manufacturing professions, and attend a plenary session at the FIM/Cetim/Symop/Cetim-CTDEC space.

"Elles bougent" brings together higher education institutions, organizations, federations, and corporate partners to help young women choose their futures, as well as educate parents and teachers on career opportunities in these sectors

Perfectly integrated in the schedule of INDUSTRIE events related to the attractiveness of professions, this initiative approaches it from the angle of training women.
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