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LEICA GEOSYSTEMS Vision Control and Quality Assurance

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  • With close to 200 years of experience pioneering solutions to measure the world, Leica Geosystems products and services are trusted by professionals worldwide to help them capture, analyze, and present spatial information. Leica Geosystems is best known for its broad array of products that capture accurately, model quickly, analyze easily, and visualize and present spatial information.

    Leica Geosystems is part of Hexagon, Sweden.

  • Leica Geosystems 

    3D Reshaper

  • Leica MS50

    You only get a moment to make the right decision. So ultimate performance and absolute reliability are critical. This requires not only intuition, but also intelligent technology you can rely on. For the first time, the Leica Nova MS50 combines every significant measuring technology in one device and opens the doors to a fascinating new dimension of the geospatial world.

    All functions, including precision 3D scanning, extensive and precise total station capabilities, digital imagery and GNSS connectivity are now brought together in the Leica Nova MultiStation. A revolutionary solution with advanced measuring technology that provides unchallenged accuracy and quality, yet is easy to use for an unprecedented range of applications. The capabilities of the Leica Nova Multistation are truly comprehensive and second to none.

    mergeTEC showcases leadership in total station and 3D laser scanning technologies. It combines in a new and unique way the latest technologies in the fields of total station measurements, digital imagery, 3D laser scanning and GNSS positioning. mergeTEC not only merges the hardware but also the data itself; images are synchronised with scans and scans tied into total station measurements: making it the easiest way of managing complex 3D data.

    The Leica Nova MS50 integrates 3D point cloud measurements into a regular survey workflow. This lets you collect and visualise your topographic survey data together with detailed high-precision scans. Save time by checking your data for integrity and relevance and avoid costly reworking or returns to the field. Benefit from better decisions with richer and more detailed data.

  • Leica ScanStation P15

    Enter the world of precise laser scanning at the touch of a button with the Leica ScanStation P15. High performance and data quality combined with easy-to-use workflows make the Leica ScanStation P15 the perfect solution for companies entering the laser scanning business.

    With the one button scan concept, users can easily start in any kind of as-built documentation.

    Data quality & speed
    The new Leica ScanStation P15 achieves an extremely fast million points per second scan rate and delivers the highest quality possible in 3D data for project scans with ranges of up to 40 m. In addition, it has best-in-class angular measurements and tilt compensation, making the Leica ScanStation P15 perfectly suited for quick and accurate as-built surveys of any scenes.

    Works under the most challenging conditions
    Robustly built, the Leica ScanStation P15 can be used even under the most challenging conditions. With an environmental rating of IP54, the Leica ScanStation P15 operates at temperatures ranging from –20° C to +50° C and also enables 3D scanning in full sunlight or complete darkness.

    The Leica ScanStation P15 features an intuitive and user-friendly touch screen interface. The one-touch scan button and wizard style software guarantee an easy workflow and enable a fast data check in the field. Combined with WLAN remote control, the Leica ScanStation P15 can be operated by any handheld device.

    Value for money
    Its attractive price-performance ratio, worldwide support and quality service from Leica Geosystems result in a low cost of ownership and make the Leica ScanStation P15 the perfect solution for companies entering the laser scanning business.

  • Leica Pegasus:Two

    Leica Pegasus:Two combines the comfort and confidence of visual images with the accuracy of a point cloud at vehicle speed together into a GIS-enabled interface with semi-automatic extraction tools.

    Bounded only by your imagination – vehicle independent, data economical, multiple sensory platform

    Leica Pegasus:Two is a complete mobile mapping solution from hardware to object extraction from Leica Geosystems. The Leica Pegasus:Two solution provides an integrated hardware platform including cameras and lidar profilers with an external trigger and sync output for additional sensors. Simply fly-in, collect, then fly-out – no dedicated, modified vehicles are required – batteries included, measure the unlimited.

    Leica Pegasus:Two Nothing forgotten

    The Leica Pegasus:Two solution captures calibrated imagery and point cloud data together – assuring that no object is forgotten. Capturing full 360° spherical view and lidar together means you never forget an object or return to a project site. Leica Pegasus:Two provides an optional rear road camera for pavement analysis providing options to grow your business – collect once, sell twice.

    Leica Pegasus:Two Complete and easy
    Enabled by a complete software workflow including data acquisition, calibration, Novatel enabled post-processing, object extraction, and a GISenabled configurable layered storage – the Leica Pegasus:Two is your single, easy answer. A hardware light sensor assures the operator that all images are useable after post-processing. Capture to extract – your only tool needed.

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