The tradeshow for production technologiesApril 7-10 2015 // eurexpo lyon

MULTISTATION Additive Manufacturing Village

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  • Since 1987, Multistation, a French company, has been integrating innovating and disruptive solutions in digital manufacturing, supplying internationally heavy and complex machine-tools and equipment for automation of composites, rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing. Our customers are coming from the transport sector (automotive, aero-structure and engines for aerospace and spatial, railways) as well as the energy (power generation, windmill), luxury, medical, academic and defense industries.

    In 27 years, Multistation has become a key actor of the digital manufacturing supply and value chain.

  • Machine tools working by removing metal >> Machining Centres >> Machining centres, high-speed milling machines
  • Machine tools working by removing metal >> Grinding machines >> Automatic grinding machines with tool magazine (grinding centres)
  • Machine tools working by removing metal >> Numerical control turning centres >> Numerical control vertical turning centre with tool loader
  • Machine tools working by removing metal >> Numerical control turning centres >> Numerical control turning centre with tailstock
  • Linear, positioning, rotation guides >> Linear, positioning, rotation guides >> Positioning tables
  • Measuring machines >> Measuring and testing machines >> Three-dimensional measuring machines
  • Measuring machines >> Measuring and testing machines >> Tomopgraphs
  • Metallic coatings: surface treatments and finishes >> Other surface treatments >> Surface treatment using laser or electrn beam
  • Assembly facilities-manufacturing robots >> Manufacturing robots for assembly, installation and handling >> Automatic riveting machines
  • Additive Manufacturing Village >> Village Impression 3D >> Machine d’impression 3D thermoplastique
  • Additive Manufacturing Village >> Village Impression 3D >> Machine d’impression 3D métallurgique
  • Additive Manufacturing Village >> Village Impression 3D >> Machine de fusion laser
  • Additive Manufacturing Village >> Village Impression 3D >> Logiciels de conception 3D
  • Additive Manufacturing Village >> Village Impression 3D >> Procédés génératifs, prototypage rapide & procédés génératifs
  • Fabrication Additive

    • Fabrication Additive Metal: SLM Solutions, Arcam, Optomec
    • Fabrication Additive autres: Prodways, Solidscape
    • Progressive Design: SolidThinking, 3DSIM, Netfabb
    • Controle: Nikkon

    Machines Outils / Composites:

    • Découpe : Eastman,
    • Tournage : Hembrug, Mario Carnaghi, Safop
    • Formage : MAAC Machinery
    • Fraisage : Alesamonti, Linsinger,Modig Machine tool, Metrom
    • Fraisage 5a : Lietchi, Sahos, Kern, Fooke, Georg, Mikkromat
    • Composites autres procedes: Terruzi, Gemcor, Eha, Silverstrini, Wickert
    • Autres : Blazer, Colonial, Unior, Silvestrini, Mikkromat,


    • Imprimantes 3D : Leapfrog, DeeGreen, Zortrax, Beeverycreative
    • Logiciel : Deskproto, Materialize, 3D Doctor, ZW Soft
    • Scanner : David Vision, Solutionix
    • Autres : Bema, MK Technology 
  • SLM 125 HL: a multi-purpose equipment by SLM Solutions

    The selective laser melting machine SLM 125 HL produced complex and specific parts from the CAD model. The system is ideal for R&D laboratories and small series production. The machine can build parts in Stainless Steel, Tools Steel, Cobalt-Chromium, Inconel, Aluminum and Titanium.

    For higher speed manufacturing, consider the SLM 280HL and to manufacture large metal part while increasing productivity, the SLM 500HL.

  • ARCAM Q10, Q20, A2X and the EBM technology

    Arcam offers a very original additive manufacturing technology: electron beam melting (EBM). The systems are used by different industries like aeronautical, medical, R&D and defense. The process makes extreme light-weight designs, allows to combine assemblies into single parts or to generate lattice structures (for instance, in the case of a medical implant, lattice surface improves bone attachment and ingrowth). In particular, Arcam’s EBM technology is used for production of FDA-cleared and CE-certified orthopedic implants. More than 40,000 EBM-manufactured acetabular cups with Trabecular Structures for improved osseo-integration have been implanted to date. EBM is also used for pilot production of aero engine and fuselage components.

    The Arcam Q10 is specifically designed for industrial production of medical implants, the Arcam Q20 for industrial production of aerospace components and the ARCAM A2X, designed to process titanium alloys as well as materials that require elevated process temperatures. A2X, designed to process titanium alloys as well as materials that require elevated process temperatures.

  • SOLIDSCAPE 3ZMAX2 High precision 3D Printer

    The 3Z MAX2 is the fastest Solidscape 3D wax printer delivering higher throughput for significant production gains when producing bulkier precision designs in jewelry manufacturing, industrial, medical and other demanding direct manufacturing applications. Combined with our progressive design solutions, the Solidscape's 3D printing technology (which offers the most accurate machine on the market with a layer thickness capability down to 6 microns) enables the printing of fine lattice structures in wax. The parts produced by these machines are ideal for investment casting processes.

    PhotoFour different lattice structures with 0.4mm beam diameter were silver casted and printed on a Solidscape® MAX2 high precision 3D printer

  • High precision CNC machining centre by Kern

    The Kern Micro is a new compact 3 or 5-axis vertical machining center offering full automation and nano range precision for single part and small series production. This machine, thanks to its kinematics and stiffness, is totally appropriate to perform finishing operations and work completion of metal parts produced by additive manufacturing.

    The machine allows the milling of various materials such as steel, non-ferrous metals, plastics and ceramics.
    The system offers a very precise positioning (+/-0.5 µm) and excellent results in terms of repeatability and reproducibility.

  • Jessica Coupé

  • Multistation at the TRADESHOW INDUSTRIE – APRIL 7-10 2015 // EUREXPO LYON - Booth 6-W76

    Multistation, a key actor of the digital manufacturing supply and value chain, will be present at the tradeshow INDUSTRIE, the trade fair of all the industry professionals where our last products and their applications will be showcased:

    Acknowledged solutions for additive manufacturing for metal:

    ØDemonstration of the selective laser melting system, SLM 125 by SLM Solutions

    ØParts produced by the EBM process using Arcam technology

    ØParts produced using the LENS technology, developped by Optomec, that enables adding any metal on parts of any shape, adapted for repair, coating of metal parts or production of parts on non-planes substrates

    Our progressive Design activity with demonstration of :

    Øsoftware for topological optimization and automatic generation of lattice structures,

    Ø3DSim solution that enables simulation of additive manufacturing processes

    Other additive manufacturing processes such as

    ØParts produced using the technology MOVINGLight developped by our partner Prodways in resins & ceramics

    Ølattice structures made out with wax jetting (SOLIDSCAPE) for investment casting applications (particularly relevant for aerospace and automotive industry)

    Multistation will present a selection of 3D printers and solutions for fablabs and microfactories (these machines are available at our Proto3Dshop in Paris 15e)

    X-ray computed tomography solutions used for inspection and control of additive manufacturing processes

    New applications for the lost wax casting technology

    Selection of complex machine tools

    ØAeronautical riveting machines GEMCOR,

    ØLarge horizontal and vertical lathes systems,

    ØNon-contact laser scan measuring machines BLAZER,

    Øairfoil machining center LIECHTI ENGINEERING,

    ØFinish hard turning machines HEMBRUG,

    ØJig and thread grinding machines MIKROMAT,

    ØHigh precision CNC machining center KERN,

    Note: a representative of MULTISTATION SECOND LIFE (a confidential e-platform specializing in second-hand plastic and metal additive manufacturing equipment as well as in high performance machine-tools) will attend the tradeshow.

    More information: www.multistation.comor follow us @MultistationSAS, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+

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