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LID ECLAIRAGES Vision Control and Quality Assurance

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  • The company LiD (founded in 1995),  is the continuation of long experience and know-how in the manufacture of lighting techniques.

    We offer standard products for industrial sector. All lamps are made in our factory, in compliance with European standards (CE marking) and ISO 9001 certification

    With a 3 year guarantee, LiD lights are designed and built to last and provide 15 to 20 years of use in the hardest conditions. LiD lamps conform with current research for durable products with low environment impact : all materials are noble and are designed with recycling in mind.

    We provide on demand bespoke lighting solutions for specific applications on machines, vehicles, appliances, workbenches, workstations... 

    Ex: LED Module specially design for Airbus

  • Machine accessories and equipment, safety, workshop equipment >> Machine parts, accessories >> Workshop facilities and furniture
  • Machine accessories and equipment, safety, workshop equipment >> Safety equipment and material >> Machine lighting
  • LID

  • DIANA, halogen lamp

    Lamp with ergonomic handle. Powerful and versatile lamp, with optimum handling.

    Option: dimmer or no contact switch

  • FLORA, fluorescent lamp

    Ideal for office, workstations, workbenches, and people partially-sighted persons. Excellent powerful and spread lighting, with small heat output, bright light, stimulating the attention and the concentration.

    18 Watts

  • Nina, waterproof lamp

    Powerful and robust machine lamp.

    IP65 waterproof lamp

  • TINA, halogen lamp

    This lamp offers the best compromise between quality/power/price.

    Dichroic source GU 5,3 OSRAM Decostar ES SP 10° high performance


    version bi-tension 400/230V commutative. Version 24V or 12V direct for machines or vehicles.

  • LED module 72 Watts / 24 Volts

    Powerful lighting for workstations, assembly halls or maintenance of machines. This extremely powerful and flexible module has been designed to meet the lighting made by Airbus needs.

    Length: 1006 mm

    Diameter: 120 mm

    Weight: 3250 gr

    Power supply: 24 V AC or DC.

    230 V version with separate power supply.

    Light Output: 10 000 lumens.


    • 50 cm: 2600 lux
    • 100 cm: 1400 lux

    Color temperature: 5500 ° k, close to daylight. No UV and infrared emission.

    Composed of three strips of 24 LEDs (total 72 LEDs). Each strip at 320 ° pivots independently for distributing the light to the operator's needs.

    This device is intended to be suspended above the work area on a tube diameter

    10 mm over the entire length.

    Adjustable straps (with Velcro) can be provided. This module may be placed in any position.
    MOD7224V: 24 V DC or AC

    MOD72230V: on 230 V with external 230/24V converter

  • M.Pierre Simar

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