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  • Our activity is the design and manufacture of clamping solutions for all types of machine tools for processing metal. French Subsidiary of an international group, whose parent company is based near Stuttgart, HAINBUCH France has a workshop and a R&D department in order to propose special clamping solutions asked for by customers.

    Our clamping solutions have been developed with a main goal: to be effective, easy to handle and productive. The flexibilty of the clamping devices allows us to respect the delays asked by customers. It's possible to adapt the devices very quickly. it's important to produce quickly and with quality. Our target is to give you clamping solutions and advice which you can rely on!

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  • HAINBUCH France - Groupe HAINBUCH

    Le groupe HAINBUCH, entreprise familiale de troisième génération, fondée en 1951, développe, construit et produit différents moyens de serrage simples et efficaces. Devenu un groupe international de plus de 650 employés, il compte 9 filiales en Autriche, Chine, France, Grande Bretagne, Italie, Suède, Slovaquie, Thaïlande, USA ainsi qu'une présence mondiale avec environ 30 représentations. HAINBUCH France se démarque en intégrant son propre bureau d'études et son atelier de fabrication permettant la réalisation de solutions techniques "sur mesures".


    It’s a technological evolution of the SPANNTOP clamping system through years of experience in the clamping area. Up to 25% more clamping force than the SPANNTOP chuck, this clamping system is a model of rigidity due to full surface contact of the clamping segments. With his hexagonal geometry, TOPlus is significantly less sensitive to contamination, and absorbs vibration with a concentric precision of (approximately) maximum 0.015 mm. The lubrication is optimized thanks to the central lubricating nipple in the body of the chuck. This allows to increase the service life of the equipment and also extends maintenance intervals.

    It’s the ideal partner for modern manufacturing strategies and state-of-the art machine tools.

  • TOPlus mini chuck

    the new “mini” series of chucks were designed to suit the workspace in the machine tools: Minimum dimensions without compromise, ideal for reduced workspaces. Thus the interference contour is reduced and the accessibility of the tools is increased. The “less weight” effect allows more dynamism and less energy consumption by reducing the cycle times. Mini Chuck, concentrated performance!

  • Quick change systems Centrotex

    The quick change systems Centrotex allows to reduce change over times of clamping devices thanks to a quick acting closure mechanism and through efficient machines and chucks interfaces with an accuracy of less than 0.008 mm without alignment. This time savings enables you to save money which will be even more important if you make very frequent changes.


    The HYDROK Chuck allows machining on 5 sides. It exists in various versions depending on the application. Version “small” SE40 or “big” size 100, but light because made of Aluminum: This means a weight reduction of more than 50% by offering the same characteristics typical of HAINBUCH clamping solutions: User-friendly set-up, full passage, parallel clamping, optimal power conversion, extreme rigidity and superior holding power, as well as minimal wear and tear.

    You also have the choice between a round and a hexagonal version for optimum sealing and clamping force. In either case, you will profit from the modular construction system, which adapts an I.D. clamping or clamping jaws on the base.
    It is indeed an ideal chuck for automating tightening!


    The quick set up of the clamping solution HAINBUCH is the key factor in the design of the solutions, in order to make the clamping devices easy to use and to optimize the machining operation. The story began with the changing of the clamping head SPANNTOP or TOPlus. The clamping head change over allows to change the diameter in only seconds. HAINBUCH extended this change over system for to the mandrel and the 3 jaws clamping.Today you can switch from the external clamping system to the internal clamping system or 3 jaws in a few minutes!

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