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  • Manufacturer and merchant of CNC machines -Tools: Our main business is the complete integration of a range of CNC milling machines. We do also the "Retrofit", that is to say, adapting digital controls on existing machines for our customers to make them more modern and efficient. We also have a trading business of CNC lathes, manufactured to our own technical specifications. At the delivery, these machines undergo a rigorous compliance check our specifications. We provide full tracking on CNC machines we sell: - Implementation entire route of our machines at our customers - Training on the use of machines and digital control. We are licensed with the D.R.T.E. Ile de France as part of the training (n° 11910400391 approval of 24 December 1997). - Telephone support (maintenance, programming support) - On-site - Modernisation of existing conventional machines by installing systems of measures or transformation into digital control.

  • XYZ Machine Tools

  • Milling Machines with Digital Assistance

    Milling machines with digital assistance are ideal in every mechanical workshop. Compatible with small and medium batch, they can be used both as conventional machines and in fully automatic mode, through the power of the digital assistance Prototrak SMX. Extremely simple programming, Prototrak SMX is a guarantee of significant productivity gain.

  • Lathes with Digital Assistance

    Simplicity and conviviality ! PROTURN lathes were designed for the machining of single parts and small quantities. With the extreme simplicity of the numerical control Prototrak SLX, a single training day is enough for any operator to be operational on these lathes even if he never use a CNC control. DIGITAL ASSISTANCE: PROTOTRAK SLX. Ease of use unmatched to this day. Powerful architecture based on PC / Pentium with a well-known "Windows" environment and can backup on standard media (floppy disk, flash card). Programming in the lathe operator’s language conversational. Cranks handle on both axes, allowing to work in "manual" mode and "run" program execution in "Tracking" mode (Option). Color graphic screen with waterproof keyboard.

  • Machining Centre model LPM Protorak PMX

    Simplicity, conviviality and performance ! The machining centre model LPM was designed for the machining of parts in series, for single parts and small quantities. With the extreme simplicity of the numerical control Prototrak PMX any operator who had never practiced CN can be operational very quickly. This machining centre can be used in "manual" mode with the crank handle, in fast mode or "work" with posting of axes, or CNC 3 axes (or 4 axes in option), with very simple cycles to use, but very powerful features.

  • Machining Centre XYZ Siemens

    Very rigid and powerful, the VMC machining centre are compatible for serial production as well as for single parts, through the lastest generation of CNC Siemens 828 D and Shop Mill software. In series, the machines are delivered with equipment allowing increase productivity as soon as their commissioning.

  • Lathes model CT and TC (LTY)

    Very rigid and powerful, CN lathes model CT and TC (LTY) can be equipped with "C" axe, 12 positions VDI40 turret, with driven tools and "Y" axe. The lastest generation of CNC control Siemens 828 D ShopTurn ensure an unrivalled flexibility of use. In series, the machines are delivered with Equipment allowing increased productivity as soon as their commissioning.

  • Commercial Support
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