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NORCAN SAS Assembly-Handling

+33 03 88 93 26 26

  • The passion of NORCAN is optimization of industrial installations.

    We are proposing customized modular solutions for industrial applications in 5 areas of applications that are the machine frames and housings, workstations and technical furniture, trolleys and carts and material handling, access platforms and gangways and steps, conveyors.

    To develop these solutions, NORCAN is based on 3 modular technical systems.

    These are the aluminum profiles and accessories, conveyors, coated steel tubes system, which are easily combinable between them.

    NORCAN is a mechanical applications experts, focused on the improvement of your industrial and logistic performance.

  • Carenal

  • Machine frames and housings

  • Workstations & technical furniture

    - Technical and ergonomic furniture, equiped with hydraulic telescopic legs, height ajustable footrest plates …
    - Packaging station with integrated IT material,
    - Manager workstations : for the Team leader, the mecanician, the logistic leader …
    - Workbenches : for gluing, cabling, assembling, order preparation, packaging …
    - Test benches and cupboards, monitor frames …
    - Clean / white rooms equipements …

  • Trolleys, carts and material handling

    - Trolleys for line feeding, storage, transportation and transfer operations,
    - Carts and trolleys for material handling,
    - Reusable containers for milk runs with a panel of suppliers,
    - Rebin frames and trolleys for order preparation,
    - Modular life storage with manual, gravitational or automatic feeding,
    - Specific boarder lines FIFO, picking or Kanban racks,
    - Specific equipements for handlings, roller tracks and accessories … …

  • Access platforms, gangways and steps

    - Footbridges, gangways, guards, steps,
    - Platforms with guards protections,
    - Specific access tools and means …

  • Conveyors

    - Belt conveyors,
    - Mesh belt or stainless steel mesh belt conveyors,
    - Roller drive conveyors, gravitary or motorised,
    - Accumulation roller chain conveyors,
    - Transfer systems ...

    - Large or small, straight or curved, straight or with slopes, with various motorisation possibilities,
    - Integration of conveyors in production lines, transfer lines, assembly lines or packaging areas …

  • M. Nicolas OTT
    +33 (0)3 88 93 26 26


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