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ADHEKO Assembly-Handling

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  • Adheko is specialized in the recommendation of solutions of assembly by collage.Thanks to our long experience, we shall know how to find the technical solutions to answer your specifications. Today, 30 % of our activity is represented by the thermoforming and composites.

    Several industrialists in the field of the camper, the bus, the vehicles without licence, the building machine and others trust us for numerous years. In France, we represent the SCIGRIP brand (leader in the field of glues méthacrylates) and KOMMERLING AG (specialist in the solutions of assemblies by glues and putties).

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  • Gluing >> Glues and Adhesives >>
  • Gluing >> Glues and Adhesives >>
  • Gluing >> Glues and Adhesives >>
  • Gluing >> Glues and Adhesives >>
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  • Gluing >> Glues and Adhesives >>
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  • Gluing >> Glues and Adhesives >>



    MS HIGH TACK AAA combines the advantages of a double adhesive face with the advantages of a reactive glue: During the assembly MS HIGH TACK AAA has a high initial adhesion and a high internal cohesion. It is often possible to work without temporary propping up, even to move directly the stuck elements. MS HIGH TACK AAA is a putty / glue with high-performance MS-Polymères (40 in 50kg / cm ² in cutting) keeping a good elasticity in the time and presenting an initial adhesion particularly high. Thanks to its flexibility it allows the assembly of heterogeneous materials, an excellent impact and vibrations strength.

  • KORAPOP 235

    Solvent-free, elastic, one component sealant and adhesive for vehicle bodywork, containers and vehicle manufacture, air conditioning and heating equipment, metalwork, etc. Good adhesion to glass, many kinds of metal (zinc, aluminium, steel), varnished and primed materials, wooden materials, duroplastics, thermoplastics (except PE, PP, PTFE) and mineral substrates. Good resistance to humidity and weathering. Resistant to temperatures from –40°C to +80°C (up to +120°C for short intervals). Körapop 235 is suitable for spraying with many varnishes immediately after application. After skin formation, adhesion problems may occur in case of some particular varnish systems.

  • KORAPUR 666/90

    Reactive glue specially adapted to the sticking of metal and presenting an excellent property of adhesion on the aluminum, the wood, the stiff PVC and the GRP. It is particularly adapted to the sticking of angles and profiled in the domains of the window, the containers and the automobile as well as in the assemblies of walls, floor and roof for commercial vehicles. Furthermore, It detains a strong resistance in the humidity, in the weather conditions and a good tolerance in the wet supports.


    Innovative system of metallic inserts represented in the form of square, rectangular or round drilled decks on which are welded the traditional mechanical fixations (bindings) such as screws, nuts, metallic stalks.

    This metallic inserts is either flooded in plastics, or situated in interface of a composite material, or stuck (made possible by the presence of the perforing which play the role of mechanical anchor point). The advantage of these products is due to the big diversity of the existing references, which allows an adaptability on almost all of the assemblies.

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