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CETIM Machine Tools

+33 03 44 67 36 82

  • As the leading French  player in the fields of mechanical engineering innovation and R&D, Cetim has  built up a wide network of partners. Its engineers and technicians operate in  more than 30 countries each year.

    R&D function is  carried out either within specific sectors or cutting across sector boundaries,  and within either a national or an international context. It embraces a range of  complementary aspects, including prospective studies in conjunction with  international scientific communities, R&D concerning all areas of mechanical  engineering, industry-specific studies and projects, and the large-scale  federative technological projects.

    Cetim provides a  comprehensive array of services to the mechanical engineering industry from  consulting to testing and from engineering to training in new skills.

    Cetim is a member of the  Carnot institutes network

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