The tradeshow for production technologiesApril 7-10 2015 // eurexpo lyon


AT the heart 

of industrial subcontracting

Industrial subcontracting implies that a decision-maker gives the manufacturing of parts or sub-assemblies to another company than to his own. Originally, this type of subcontracting involved specific capacities of a company, or its closeby location. Now, it has become a specialized business. Today, the sub-contractors offer skills of the highest level and a technological expertise to their clients. They have become key-partners of the decision-makers, and they are looking to become more independent from the business relationships that ties them together. The French subcontracting business works in export as well, with some SMEs whose skills are necessary to manufacture cars, high speed trains, nuclear plants or luxury products.

The Rhône-Alpes region is the 1st area in France for subcontracting. The expertise available in that location goes from mechanics, forging, casting, bending, cutting, metal processing, plastics, and subcontracting in electronics; all of which are designed for all areas of the industrial production. Every other year, this region hosts the largest trade-fair for the production technologies in France. This is the platform of choice for the promotion  of French subcontracting.

This is the reason why, from the 7th to the 10th of April 2015, the industrial subcontracting business will be a guest of honour at INDUSTRIE LYON, the only industrial event in France to gather as many as 859 exhibitors and 20 464 visitors over 50 000 square meters of exhibiting surface.

INDUSTRIE Lyon regroups 9 complimentary sectors for equipments, products, consumables and services designed for the industrial world, as well as a 10th sector dedicated to subcontracting, and segmented in 4 different areas :

  • mechanical industries
  • metal, plastics and composite processing
  • materials processing
  • Electronics.
Subcontracting takes centre stage at INDUSTRIE Lyon :

We pull out all the stops to guarantee useful contacts to our exhibitors during and after the event :

  • An attractive dedicated area, easy to access and located at the entrance of the fair.
  • A special media strategy is added to the main communication plan to promote INDUSTRIE.
  • A decision-makers list is filed in our database, so that they will directly receive a campaign of messages about subcontracting and customized invitations.
  • Our business meetings animation will be repeated in 2015 : those are individual meetings, scheduled prior to the event.
  • A full schedule of animations designed to promote the subcontracting know-how of the Rhône-alpes region, together with the competitiveness poles.

The subcontracting sector also benefits from many synergies that are already in place with our exhibitors at INDUSTRIE Lyon, and offers a full array of possibilities around the choice at hand : making something, or having it made.

Most of the professional, territorial or consular authorities supported the presence of SubContracting at INDUSTRIE Lyon, from the 7th to the 10th of April 2015. This is yet another guarantee that most of the concerned professionals will be attending the event.

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