The tradeshow for production technologiesApril 7-10 2015 // eurexpo lyon

Additive Manufacturing Village

New in 2015 ! 

An Additive Manufacturing Village becomes a part of the Largest Working Factory in France: INDUSTRIE LYON, from the 7th to the 10th of April 2015.

A growing part of the business, additive manufacturing is a natural part of INDUSTRIE. This process, a result of added layers of matter in order to create parts, will be revealed through the following technologies and animations : 3D design, Processing Softwares, mediums, printers, matters, additive manufacturing services, fast prototyping, Fab Labs... …

Our goal ? To extend the outstanding potentials of additive manufacturing !

The Additive Manufacturing Village is designed for all ends of the business. The many possible applications of 3D manufacturing will be revealed on set :

  • Personalisation : manufacturing customised objects or parts, parts restoration.
  • Creation of complex parts : for the medical sector (implants after a patient's scanner, prosthesis ), the aeronautics sector (plane drones, aircraft parts.. )…
  • The various materials used : glass, plastic, metal or ceramic.
  • Increased productivity : thanks to a faster, simpler process.

Such is the Factory of the Future which is already in operation at INDUSTRIE LYON.

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